We provide efficient disinfection completely without chemistry

At NATDIS, we are experts in effective and safe disinfection using UVC light. We have a clear mission: We want to help industry and agriculture fight bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. without compromising the environment and nature. This can easily be done – completely without chemicals and in accordance with a green profile.

This is how the goal to use less chemicals became a reality

Our desire to create environmentally friendly and effective disinfection goes back a long way, and it is this desire that led to the formation of NATDIS. In our previous work, we saw up close the quantity of chemicals used in disinfection, and we believed that we would be able to do it in a more environmentally friendly way. And fortunately, we can.

NATDIS was founded based on the goal of removing some of the chemicals from the equation and making disinfection more environmentally friendly – of course without compromising the high quality that effective disinfection requires. And that is exactly why we use UVC light.

It is important to us that we only sell solutions we can vouch for 100%. At the same time, it should serve as your assurance that we only use the best elements to ensure the hygiene at your company. At NATDIS, we always use high-quality UVC light, which has a guaranteed effect. Our knowledge is based on research in the field, and we always make sure to measure the UVC light with effective measuring equipment so as to verify that we are using the right dose.

In addition, the modules we use are produced in Denmark by people with solid experience in the field.


We make it easy to optimise hygiene in an environmentally friendly way

We know that everything new can seem overwhelming at the beginning. Initially, many of our customers believe that implementation of a new disinfection unit is both difficult and expensive. Especially when it has to be environmentally friendly and efficient at the same time.

But it is neither expensive nor difficult – at least not with us. We custom-make solutions that fit into your current setup.

At NATDIS we are nerds with a high level of professional pride. We take pride in creating a great result with as little intervention in your current setup as possible. We advise and provide individual assessments.

You do not get a standard solution that requires lots of changes to your current setup. It is the solution that should fit your company – not the other way around.


What are your needs?

When we visit you, we quickly get an idea of the solution you need. A solution that does not require you to totally restructure. Because we have extensive experience in the field, we can build a solution around your existing setup. In other words, the products in our product range are our building blocks. We always work creatively and in a solution-oriented way in relation to your setup and the environment, which the solution must be a part of.

It is important for us to stay up to date with the latest research in the use of UVC light, so that we always solve tasks in the best way. Therefore, we are members of professional organisations such as IUVA and the Danish Center for Light, which collects and publishes relevant information about UV. This is your guarantee that you will always get the best solution.




Solid experience ensures high quality

We have gradually gained a lot of experience in our field, and therefore we can quickly spot opportunities when we visit your company. We have helped many different companies in different industries, and therefore we quickly spot flaws in hygiene. In other words, we know where we need to go to improve the hygiene of your business.

We use our solid experience when we talk about what you can get out of disinfecting with UV light. There can be many benefits in the form of less time spent on manual disinfection, a healthier environment with fewer chemicals and greater security for effective and uniform treatment – every time.

Just to give a few examples.

Learn more about UVC light here


Naturlig Desinfektion became NATDIS

You may know us as Naturlig Desinfektion. NATDIS started as Naturlig Desinfektion, and we operated under this name for many years.

In 2021, we changed our name to NATDIS. One of the reasons for the change is that our international customers had difficulties with the Danish name ‘Naturlig Desinfektion’. Switching to NATDIS has therefore been a positive development.

NATDIS is an abbreviation and contraction of the English version of Naturlig Desinfektion, Natural Disinfection – NATDIS