Biosecurity in air with UV light

UV light is an effective method of air disinfection. It protects against unwanted airborne contamination. The UV lights are set up in connection with air intakes in the barn. In the chimneys, on inlet ports, or wall valves.

We were founded in 2012 at Avlscenter Trekanten

“We have the highest health status, and it will be devastating for us if the herd is infected with something that makes us lose our status. This is why we have been looking for something for a long time that could further improve protection against infection,” Louise Skou Hansen adds. She says that Stendalgaard started as a propagation herd in 2005. But a year and a half ago, the business was expanded to be both a propagation and breeding herd, with a total of 800 sows, of which 160 represents the breeding herd. Kai Skou Hansen points out that direct intake of air will always be one of the weak points in any herd’s protection against infection. But, for a breeding herd, it is particularly critical because the economic consequences will be enormous. “We would lose all our livelihood.”

Avlscenter Trekanten had UV light mounted on wall valves in Stendalgaard’s barn at the beginning of 2012.


Today we supply several other farms where Biosecurity plays a major role.

All projects are based on dimensioning based on air consumption – often based on the worst-case scenario. When accidents happen, you want to be sure that your system works!


Our solutions are always made in close collaboration with ventilation experts and, preferably, with the local electrician.

You can see our solutions at these farms:

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