No more snot in feeding and water tanks

In feeding and water tanks, the area between the contents and the top of the tank can quickly become covered with slimy bacterial growth. Bacteria and fungi have optimal conditions for growth, given the moisture and nutrition present in these tanks. The feed can run the risk of becoming contaminated in these unfortunate circumstances.

Feed and water tanks are often difficult and time-consuming to clean; however, when you install a UV system in the tank, you will find that cleaning intervals are extended and cleaning is easier. Many farmers also experience positive effects on well-being and feed efficiency, thanks to improved hygiene in the tanks.

The UV light can help keep all types of tanks and containers clean of fungi, bacteria and coatings.


“UV light in feed and water tanks provides to better health for pigsbetter growth and saving an entire working day every month.”
Thomas, Nykjærsminde A/S


Can be used in:

  • Feed tanks
  • Water tanks
  • Buffer tanks
  • Storage tanks in general


Mounting in practice

The UV system is mounted vertically from the tank top, so that the light has the best possible range. Often the best location is in the middle between the centre and the side of the tank, and preferably near water intakes, so that the bulb is rinsed off for possible feed residues. The installation has a range of approx. 1 metre in air and is made of acid-resistant materials. The glass tube may come in contact with water or feed but works most effectively in air. As standard, we recommend installation of two 14W UV systems per feed or water tank, so as to ensure proper lighting.

All UV systems for feed and water tanks are coated with a special coating that protects against crushing of the glass. The quartz glass is coated with a unique UVC-transparent film. In this way we ensure glass splinters cannot end up in feed or water, should the quartz glass break. 

The film is only used for the quartz tube, which provides protection for the UVC bulb. It provides optimal utilisation of UVC lighting and provides good and safe performance. In areas  with food and feed production, this safety is particularly important.

Read more about your safety when using our glass in production

 feeding and water tanks


Choose the right model

ModelDetailsUsed in
ND Buildin 14 with splinter protectionLength 31,2 cm
single or twin
Feed tanks
ND Buildin 48 with splinter protectionLength 57 cm
single or twin
Feed tanks
ND Buildin 90 with splinter protectionLength 92 cm
single or twin
Water tanks/ tanks without agitation
Option: Safety SwitchHatch protection


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feeding and water tanks
Tank systems are available in a single and a twin version. If the tank is ø2 meter or more, use a twin model to minimise shadows from mixer etc.