Inspection lamps

Where UVC light is used to kill or neutralize microorganisms, UVA light can be used for hygiene inspection. UVA light can be used with or without a fluorescent agent.

UVA light can help in the hunt for bacteria and viruses.

You cannotsee bacteria or viruses with UVA light, but you can discover particles (dirt), dried liquids or the fluorescent agent we often use for testing and training.

Try to distribute the fluorescent agent on your hands and move around in the conference room. Going for a walk with a UVA flashlight is a real eye-opener because you touch many surfaces without thinking about it.

Use the information to get better at cleaning and disinfecting “hotspots”, thus minimising infection sources.

Lamps with UVA light cannot be used to disinfect, but they can be an important tool if you want to check, cleaning  routines, contamination sources and so on.


Do you know how to wash your hands?

Practising hand hygiene, such as hand washing or application of hand sanitiser, is important for maintaining a high level of hygiene.

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