CleanAccess – Avoid bringing infection into sensitive production facilities

Sensitive production facilities and the need for high levels of hygiene require special attention when it comes to the things we bring in. With an entrance sluice with “air-flushing” and UV light, staff, pallet goods and items up to truck size can be processed quickly.

Our CleanAccess entrance sluice is designed to remove particles by circulating the air past a HEPA filter and UV light. This is based on experience and studies that show that contamination often occurs through particles to which bacteria etc. have attached. If the treatment is combined with UV light, it can neutralise bacteriaviruses and fungal spores on surfaces.

CleanAccess is often used for goods. Everything from small packages to bigbagscontainers and pallet goods.

If you want to use the sluice for personal treatment, we recommend using CleanAccess Air, which flushes the surface with air and thereby removes particles. All our CleanAccess sluices have an internal air system with HEPA air filtration.

CleanAccess Cargo
Sluice for containers, bigbags or other large goods


Avoid bringing bacteria, viruses, or fungi into a sensitive production

Our customers use CleanAccess to secure their production facilities

  • Industry
    • A level UVC dose is typically chosen, which will, for example, ensure D99 on selected pathogens like bacillus, salmonella or listeria. CleanAccess can ensure up to 360° disinfection in automatic or semi-automatic systems.
    • CleanAccess is often made with air systems where the goods are “flushed” with air, which is then filtered in an internal HEPA system and reused. This removes particles, and the surfaces are more easily accessible to UVC light.
    • Can be used for containers, bigbags or other large goods.
  • Agriculture
    • Agriculture often chooses a high level of UVC dose to secure the farm against the likes of PRRS or AFS.
    • CleanAccess with built-in air system ensures that loose particles are blown off the goods and subsequently filtered in the internal HEPA filter, and it ensures that the UVC light can reach the surfaces.
    • Can be used for containers, bigbags, or other large goods.


Zone change from zone 0 to zone 2 at Fipros

At Fipros Nutrition in Ebberup on Funen, all zone changes take place through our CleanAccess. See how they do here.


At our new production facility in Ebberup on Funen, we have a very high level of hygiene, which is maintained with a comprehensive access system, including people and goods. In the design process, NATDIS has provided help with sparring and experience in finding the right solution. This has resulted in a ”state of the art” access system which helps ensure a high level of hygiene and the quality of our services.

We have chosen personal sluices with air treatment and internal filtration, sluices for goods with UV for small items, and cargo sluices for large goods with UV and air treatment. All units are custom-made to our needs.

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