3W UVA LED lamp

The UVA LED lamp is suitable for use in various areas in the production and healthcare industries. The light highlights “invisible” contamination in sterile environments, surface contamination of items such as spills, leaks, etc. The lamp can be used with or without fluorescent liquids or powders.

The lamp can be used for all types of surfaces for bacteria, leaks and contamination of particles:


  • Control of tools and machine components
  • Sources of contamination in cleanrooms and laboratories
  • Check cleaning quality
  • Identification of risk areas
  • Control of quality, for example of textiles
  • Check for leaks in components
The 3W UVA LED lamp is a small and handy lamp, which can fit in a pocket.


Type3W UVA LED lamp
Length150 mm
Diameter40 mm
Light sourceLED
IP classificationIP 66
BatteryLi-ion 18650


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