Securing raw materials for powder production with air and UVC

Sensitive production and the need for a high level of hygiene means that we have to be particular careful when it comes to the things and people we bring in. With an entrance sluice with "air-flushing" and UV light, everything from very small items to pallet goods and all the way up to truck-sized items can be processed in a short time.

Our CleanAccess sluice is designed to remove particles by circulating the air through an HEPA filter and UV light. This is based on experience and studies, which show that contamination often occurs via particles to which bacteria etc. attach. If the treatment is combined with UV light, it can neutralise bacteriaviruses, and fungal spores on clothes etc.

When we use a sluice with UVC light, it is only for the treatment of goods. We develop solutions for very small elements, which only weigh a few grams, and up to large sluices for bigbags and containers.

When we design a CleanAccess sluice for your needs, we consider:

  • Requested degree of treatment, i.e. UVC dose
  • Size of goods – the smallest and the largest
  • Capacity requirements


Use CleanAccess as follows:

  • Install CleanAccess between unclean and clean zone
  • Place pallet/container/cart with goods in the sluice
  • Close the door and press start
  • Air jets in the cabin “flush” the goods with air at 20-25 m/s
  • UV lamps illuminate all surfaces
  • The air is circulated through a filter system, after which it is recirculated
  • The door opens to the clean side
  • CleanAccess comes with many options in control and degree of automation


CleanAccess sluice for sensitive production. The sluice shown is used for goods, such as spare parts and consumables. The objects are placed on a trolley and processed for 2 minutes.


Watch a video of CleanAccess with air and UV light on YouTube

Watch a video of CleanAccess with air on YouTube


The UV light kills all known bacteria and viruses on all surfaces – quickly and efficiently

We strive for the highest possible effect on all available surfaces, to ensure maximum disinfection. The UV light treats all affected surfaces, anywhere the light can reach. With the indicated dose, you will be able to kill all known bacteria, viruses and protozoa, like salmonella, bacillus cereus and monocytogenic listeria.

The treatment time can range from a few minutes to longer intervals and can be adjusted by appointment.


Get a solution to meet your needs

We prefer to deliver solutions that are custom-made exactly to your needs and your reality. That way you get the optimal solution every time, without compromise.


Contact us for an offer for a solution custom-made for your needs.