How to secure your production line against moldy capsules

Mold in capsules can cause major problems in the production of beverages or other liquid products.

UVC light on the capsule line – close to application – can secure your production against mouldy capsules. UVC light kills bacteria and mould quickly, without the use of chemicals. More and more manufacturers are choosing an effective solution from our range of UVC lamps.

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UVC light


The UV system from NATDIS has been chosen to ensure enhanced security for complete disinfection of particularly sensitive areas, and the product always lives up to their high-quality requirements. 

The ND Air 42 Short UV unit is designed to kill bacteriaviruses and fungi. It can ensure effective disinfection of capsules, bottlenecks, conveyor belts, and packaging in limited space.

There are many places in a bottling machine where we can help you optimise hygiene. Longer durability and fewer product recalls are important factors when we are chosen as a supplier of UV for bottling machines.

We assess:

The air in and around the bottling machine:

  • Integration of UV in ventilation systems
  • Units for circulation in production and packaging areas
  • Built-in to cooling units with air
  • Sterile air for sensitive processes

Surface disinfection in the bottling machine:

  • UV on production lines
  • Packaging before filling
  • Head space after filling
  • Production facilities and packaging machines
  • Cleanbox & sluices for incoming items

Liquid disinfection of the product or process water:

  • Process water decentralised
  • Recycled water and washing water
  • Product treatment


We provide guidance for how to install UVC light in your production.
Feel free to contact us for a solution that meets your exact needs.