Eliminate virus problems with UVC light

A virus is a microorganism that can spread when people touch the same things several times. We want to avoid this situation - and that is possible with UVC light, which is an efficient, natural, and contact-free method.

How to eliminate virus problems with UVC light

To eliminate problems with viruses, we can use UVC light, which is an efficient and chemical-free method. When we use UVC light, we use a special lamp, which is made for the purpose. UVC light works by damaging DNA/RNA in the cell structure. When the light from the lamp illuminates the viruses, the UVC photons destroy the hydrogen bonds in the DNA/RNA. It prevents the cell from reproducing and will therefore be inactivated and die.

UVC light is a flexible method that can be used to remove problems from viruses in air, liquids and on surfaces. When we want to remove the problems with viruses, we always consider the specific situation, in order to use the correct equipment for the task.

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Why is it a good idea to inactivate virus with UVC light?

Many disinfectants contain chemicals that are harmful to nature and the environment. When we use UVC light, we have taken chemistry out of the equation – of course without compromise of the high requirements for hygiene.

Since UVC light does not create toxic elements, there is no requirement for ventilation after cleaning, which will be necessary if the room is cleaned with harsh chemicals. The UVC light is only active when the lamp is on. As soon as the lamp is turned off, the room is safe to enter.

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How much UVC light is needed to inactivate virus?

When we want to eliminate virus with UVC light, it is important that we know the specific virus we want to kill. There is a big difference in how much UVC light it takes to kill different viruses. Once we know the specific virus, we can calculate the right dose.

We always state a dose in joules per m² (J/m²), while the lamp emits light measured in watts.

This means in practice that a 100 watt UVC lamp emits only 40 watts of UVC light. This must be considered when choosing a dose.

For example, let’s look at a common cold virus. Here we need about 7 J/m² to kill 90% of this virus.

If we compare with Corona Sars, we need about 240 J/m². We need much more energy to kill the coronavirus, therefore it is important to know the specific virus so we can adjust the dose.

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Can we kill all viruses?

Inactivation of microorganisms with UV light is an exponential process. The higher the UV light exposure (dose), the higher the proportion of microorganisms will be inactivated.

When vi want to kill viruses, we never talk about killing 100%. We can kill 90, 99, or 99,99%, but never 100%. There will always be one organism that survives.

Isn’t it better to kill 99,99% than 90%, you might think? But it depends on the specific situation. It takes a lot more energy to kill 99,99%

This means the UV light exposure (dose) required to inactivate:

  • 99% is twice the value to inactivate 90%.
  • 99,9% is 3 times the value to inactivate 90%.
  • 99,99% is 4 times the value to inactivate 90%.

It is important to find the correct level that will ensure a high level of hygiene for the company. We are happy to help with that.

We base our recommendations for the degree of disinfection on a broad, scientific research in validated studies together with the knowledge we have from the long series of validations in which we have been involved.

Which companies need to inactivate virus?

For many companies it is essential that virus is eliminated safely and efficiently. Especially in situations where many people touch the same surfaces during a day, such as:

  • Clean rooms and laboratories
  • Offices, rooms for meetings, and canteens
  • Conveyor belts and packaging lines
  • Sluices and entrance rooms

Cleaning with UVC light is especially used in agriculture, food industry, pharma and healthcare.

We tailor a solution to your needs

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We are always ready to find the perfect solution for you, so you effectively can eliminate viruses with UVC light in air, liquids and on surfaces.

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