Clean drinking water for animals provides greater well-being

Everyone who works with animals knows how important it is to have good, clean drinking water for the animals. When animals do not drink enough water, it can cause poor performance and problems with well-being.


Problems with water quality are often seen here:

  • In long pipelines
  • In pipes with low consumption
  • In pipes in warm rooms
  • In low pressure piping systems
  • In water tanks with a high degree of contamination


When installing a UV system on the water string, we can neutralise:

  • All kinds of bacteria and germs
  • Salmonella
  • Coliform bacteria
  • Enterococci
  • All kinds of viruses
  • All kinds of fungi


The systems are available from 350 litres/hour up to 21,000 litres/hour . The UV system is preferably mounted on a circulation string, to prevent the multiplication of bacteria.


“Our 300 organic cows on the farm drink more water after we installed UV light on the water string. They have improved milk production, better reproduction and lower cell counts.

Laust – Østerlykke


water quality


The system is selected according to how much water is to be treated per hour as well as the desired degree of disinfection.

The systems are made of stainless steel and built so all maintenance can be performed without tools. It is a compact and easy system to mount on the water string.

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