Rent equipment

Rent our hand training screen for a month and improve your hand hygiene. It is never as good as you think!

Hand hygiene training raises the level significantly

Rent our hand hygiene training monitor – contact us at

How to use the hand training screen:

  • Add 1-2 squirts of the fluorescent hand sanitizer/lotion and distribute it as you would in normal, thorough hand disinfection.
  • Place your hands in the cabinet so that they are fully covered; the entire surface of both hands should shine evenly. If necessary, repeat part 1 until the entire surface is evenly lit.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly, dry them and check again in the cabinet. The areas that are still glowing are not washed sufficiently.
  • Learn the best technique for washing your hands below
  • Repeat if necessary and look for improvements


Training proper hand hygiene works:



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