Disinfection of air and surfaces in sterile rooms

We are happy to help keep rooms such as operation rooms, laboratories, etc. sterile. We do this by installing our UVC systems and letting them do the work when the staff is not in the room.

We mount our ND Air on the ceiling or wall in sterile rooms and let it illuminate the room. This way, the system cleans, keeping the air clean and surfaces disinfected.

We also install our built-in systems in existing ventilation systems if they are located in the room. We work with you to provide the right solution, according to the size of the room and the degree of disinfection needed.


sterile rooms

ND Air for installation in rooms, appliances, etc.


sterile rooms

ND BuildIn for installation in ventilation systems etc.


sterile rooms

ND Active is a closed unit, which circulates the air past a UV bulb. It can be used in rooms with staff and ensures a low airborne germ count.


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