Environment friendly control of contamination in oils and emulsions

It is generally known that in systems, for example with oils, there may be problems with microbiological growth of bacteria, fungi, yeasts and algae.

We have developed a special UVC lamp for use in industrial plants with oils and emulsions for disinfection of harmful microorganisms. With proper installation, our special units can keep oils and emulsions free of microorganisms.

The system works by circulating the liquids continuously past the UV lamp in a UV reactor. The UV reactor consists of a stainless-steel chamber, in which a special UV lamp is mounted.


UV system


At sea, on land and in the air

The systems are designed for “Plug and Play” and can be installed in both 230 volt and 12/24-volt systems. Therefore, they can be used in large land-based plants as well as in trucks, boats, etc.

For large systems with large air exchange, it can be an advantage to disinfect the air before it is led into the systems. This can be ensured by using special UV systems that are adapted to the air exchange.

UV systems for oils can also be used for cleaning purposes. But this must be combined with filters for removal of the eliminated microorganisms.

Today, our UV system is widely used for disinfection of water, air, surfaces, water tanks, etc. in industry, food production, agriculture and so on.


Simple, compact and efficient installation

Avoid breakdowns and failures of engines, generators or expensive tank cleaning by preventing microorganism growth in tanks and systems.

The UV system and pumps are easily installed in the piping or as an external connection to the tank.


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