Products for air, liquids, and surfaces

UVC light is an effective and environmentally friendly disinfectant for use against bacteria, viruses, and fungal spores. Natural disinfection – safe, efficient and with the environment in mind.

We provide solutions that work in air, liquids and on surfaces, and thanks to our extensive experience from industry, pharmaceutical production and agriculture, we will find the solution that is optimal for you.


Disinfection of water and other liquids

UVC is effective against all kinds of bacteria, germs, viruses and fungi in liquids.

  • Our systems are easily fitted into existing piping systems
  • We have units for drinking water, wastewater, oils, juices, etc.
  • UV units have a capacity between 300 – 100,000 litres per hour
  • They are approved for food contact and can be used in all environments

When establishing the right solution for your needs, we determine what types of microorganisms need to be neutralised and which flows require treatment. We have experience in treating juices, oils, washing water, pharmaceutical water, emulsions and recycling washing systems.


Treating air with UVC

UVC is a strong partner for air disinfection where treatment of controlled air systems, protects against airborne viruses, bacteria or spores.

Use our UV system to secure sensitive areas, for example in:

Production rooms, sluices, warehouses, changing rooms, waiting rooms, office environments, canteens or places where many people meet.

UVC systems are effective in all types of environments; cold, hot, humid or dry. It is important you get the right UVC system for your environment, as the different types perform best in different environments.

We will help you find the optimal UVC system for your task.


Treatment of surfaces 24/7

When we treat surfaces with UVC, we typically choose between two methods: treatment of areas without people or treatment 24/7 via installation in closed units.

UVC light works as direct lighting and can therefore easily be used in production lines and other shielded systems in the presence of staff. It can be built into packaging or sorting lines and shielded or we can supply a complete tunnel or sluice according to your exact specifications.

For access sluices into sensitive production areas, clean rooms or laboratories, surface disinfection is typically carried out when the room has been in use or at fixed time intervals.

Surface treatment with UVC units is often used for cleanrooms, laboratories, in packing lines, on conveyor belts, in hygiene locks, in canteens, in toilets and other places where people meet.