UVC disinfection can be used in industry, agriculture and healthcare

Our disinfection technique is chemical-free, contactless, and autonomous, and it is applicable in many areas. There isn'tt much we can’t do when we talk UVC disinfection.

We use ozone-free systems that can disinfect air, liquids, and surfaces. UVC-light works on anything that has DNA and RNA. That means that we can help by providing a solution whether you have problems with bacteria, viruses, fungi, or spores.

However, UVC also cannot distinguish between bacteria and other life forms, including humans, so safety requirements are very important to consider during installation, where prevention of personal accidents must be a priority.

Our extensive experience from many different tasks in numerous industries is a good starting point for finding the optimal solution and installing it with a high level of safety for both passive and active elements.


This includes custom-made solutions against E-coli and Salmonella

The project often starts with an analysis and may include a short visit. Here, we will work with you to find the optimal solution for your exact problem.

Our experience is broad and extensive, which is apparent from our reference list, which contains a wealth of different tasks within natural disinfection in air, liquids and on surfaces.

Many companies are working towards greater protection against pollution in production and better product durability. It makes perfect sense, but this can be difficult to combine with the use of less chemicals in production. We can help here because the UVC-light is a chemical-free and contactless disinfection method. It is used to secure both air and surfaces against unwanted microorganisms.

The light is used in access sluices for both small and large goods, such as raw materials, packaging, finished products, filling and bottling systems, in almost all types of production companies. In particular, companies working in sensitive areas such as milk powder production, processing of fresh products with limited shelf life and production of medicines and equipment for production use UVC disinfection on a large scale.


Biosecurity and PRRS or ASF

In agriculture, we work intensively with Biosecurity on many levels, where disinfection of incoming air in combination with product and cargo sluices provides a high level of safety. Our customers are large Danish and foreign herds who have particular concerns about protection against viruses such as PRRS and AFS.

Many farms save working hours every day for cleaning by having our UVC system in feed and water tanks. A simple and effective solution, which also protects the animals against contamination in feed and water.


Log 1 – 2 – 3 or 4?

All our solutions are dimensioned according to your wishes and reduction requirements, whether it is log 1 or log 4. We also consider the current environment and ensure that the right type of UVC unit is selected for the task. We offer to control the finished installation and can provide solutions with complete control and monitoring of the UVC level, with the possibility to access log details.