ND Air for fixed or movable mounting for disinfection of equipment, rooms and other surfaces

ND Air is a UV lamp that illuminates the room and surfaces, without staff present. We also often use ND Air in a built-in version on production lines, capsule lines, etc. – where it is simply shielded from the surroundings.

For example, it is used in:

  • Disinfection of rooms
  • Cleanrooms
  • Bottling lines
  • Laboratories
  • Production
  • Packaging


ND Air is available in many versions:

  • Adapted for mounting options
  • Dimensioned in relation to the task
  • For humid and dry environments
  • Approved for contact with food
  • With external monitoring of function and bulb change
  • Aluminium or stainless-steel fixture
  • Protection of glass splinters


About our surface disinfection installation:

UV systems are always dimensioned based on your wishes and needs;

  • UVC dose
    • We are happy to advise you on your options and level
  • Time available
    • The UVC effect delivered per second gives the desired dose over time
    • Limited time slot typically means that there will be more lamps
    • With unlimited time for the task, it may be possible to disinfect with fewer lamps
  • Distance to the object
    • The closer the UVC lamp can be placed to the disinfection subject, the less power we need
    • For longer distances, we either need more time or more lamps

Don’t worry – we are experts and happy to help.


Get an overview of our installation here

Model - in painted aluminium/stainless steelIrradiation length/Total length
ND Air 4820360 mm / 660 mm
ND Air 9020767 mm / 1002 mm
ND Air 9020 RF767 mm / 1002 mm
ND Air Active 300767 mm / 1100 mm


surface disinfection


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