Securing access to clean areas with air and UVC

Access to clean areas with a high level of hygiene requires extra attention when it comes to the surfaces of the things we bring in. With an entrance sluice with air treatment and UV light, it is possible to quickly process consumables, raw materials and goods up to truck size.

Our CleanAccess sluice is designed to remove particles by circulating the air past an HEPA filter and UV light. Studies show that contamination with pathogens often occurs via particles, where pathogens attach to or are hidden by the particles.

When we combine UVC treatment of the surface with a strong air blast, we can treat the surface and at the same time filter and remove the loose particles. The sluice has its own internal air system, which filters the air through a pre-filter and a HEPA filter.

The sluices are dimensioned according to:

  • Smallest and biggest item to be treated
  • Requirements for UVC dose
  • Time consumption per cycle
  • Treatment radius of up to 360°
  • Functionality

We ask lots of relevant questions, thanks to our broad experience with dimensioning different types of sluices for many areas. This ensures that all the matters important to your process are discussed.


Suggested mode of operation:

  • Install CleanAccess between unclean and clean rooms
  • Place goods in the sluice
  • Remember that a certain distance must be left between objects so that light can reach
  • Close the door and press start in the panel
  • Air nozzles in the cabin “flush” goods with 20-25 m/s air
  • UVC lamps light up and illuminate all available surfaces
  • Air is circulated through the filter system and recycled
  • The door opens to the clean side
  • There are programming functions on the unclean side of the sluice
  • Available as “plug and play” in smaller sizes
  • Larger models are delivered in modules, for on-site assembly
  • Available with
    • Revolving doors
    • Sliding doors
    • Fast door
  • Functionality by agreement

UVC treatment

CleanAccess sluice for sensitive production. It is used for goods, such as spare parts and consumables, which are placed on a trolley and processed for 2 minutes. CleanAccess for goods or personal treatment.

UVC treatment of small items

If you need a box for smaller items, like phones, laptops, lunch boxes, medicine etc., you should check out CleanBox. Learn more here

The UV light kills all known bacteria and viruses on all surfaces – quickly and efficiently

We strive for the highest possible effect on all available surfaces, to ensure maximum disinfection. The UVC treatment will affect all surfaces. You will be able to eliminate all known bacteria, viruses and protozoa, like salmonella, bacillus cereus, listeria and monocytogenes.

The treatment time can range from a few minutes to longer intervals, and will be determined by agreement.


All according to your needs

We prefer to deliver solutions that are custom-made exactly to your needs and your reality. That way, you get the optimal solution every time.


Contact us for an offer for a solution custom-made for your needs.