CleanBox – Disinfection in goods sluice with UV light

Cleanrooms or high-sensitivity production facilities require extra attention when it comes to the things we bring in. With our CleanBox you can protect against incoming contamination of bacteria, viruses or spores. The goods sluice is used for disinfection of small items, such as phones, laptops, consumables, small boxes, tools, etc.

Typical rooms where our CleanBox is used:

  • Kitchens
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratories
  • Industry
  • Agriculture
  • Warehouses


Things we can disinfect:

  • Goods
  • Medicine
  • Tools
  • Equipment

UV sluise

The goods sluice which kills bacteria and viruses on all surfaces

CleanBox is designed so that the light disinfects all surfaces with a high dose of UV light, ensuring maximum disinfection. The UV light treats all affected surfaces. With the high UV dose in the CleanBox, you will be able to protect against bacteria, viruses, and protozoa, such as African swine fever, PRRS, etc.


Several sizes and types

We can supply the UV sluice in different versions, including our Cleanbox series for smaller items and CleanAccess for large goods.

The Cleanbox series is a series of disinfection sluices that are built as standard units in stainless steel. These are sluices where the object is placed from one side. Both doors lock and the door on the clean side can only be opened when the cycle is complete.

Build Cleanbox into a wall between unclean and clean areas, and use it to disinfect small items such as PCs, phones, tools, etc.
Our smallest CleanBox model has an internal dimension of 45 x 45 cm, and the largest model has an internal dimension of 80 x 80 cm.


Watch the box demonstrated in video on YouTube


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