UVC light in laboratories

Working in clean rooms requires control and management of the air. Bacteria and viruses can be transported in the air and can cause significant damage. We know how this problem can be solved without contact and without the use of chemistry. Use it safely in laboratories, operating rooms, clinics, and other places with high hygiene standards.

Get an individual and professional assessment

No matter what type of laboratory, we can provide a solution. We make an individual and professional needs assessment, where we determine: 

  • Which organisms should be neutralised
  • The volume of air to be treated
  • Whether there are people present or not


There are several methods of air disinfection: passive, active or built-in

UV unit


UV light for fixed mounting in the ceiling or on a wall

ND Air Passive is a passive solution. The lamp lights up the room, but it does not provide its own air circulation. This solution depends on the air being circulated in a different way. This lamp must be placed so that it cannot shine directly or indirectly on people in the room. It should light up the ceiling or be off when people are present. This type of disinfection lamp is recommended for rooms where there are no people present for long periods, but where there is a need to ensure sterility. For example, this could be:
operating rooms, clinics, laboratories, etc. 


UV system for treating air with built-in circulation

ND Air Active is an active solution. This lamp is equipped with a built-in fan and shield. The unit circulates with the built-in fan air and is therefore independent of the room air circulation. This unit is suitable for living areas.

ND Air Active is a complete unit that contains a UV-bulb and fan in a sealed cabinet. The unit circulates the air past the UV lamp and is independent of the room‘s own ventilation. ND Air Active can be used at all times,, even when there are people in the room. This is a very stable and safe solution. This type of disinfection is often used in rooms where there is a need to ensure a low level of infection while people are present.


UV unit


A built-in UV unit

A built-in UV system is typically used in ventilation systems to clean incoming air or in connection with air circulation. When the UV system is built-in, protection against light is ensured and the optimal effect is achieved. This type of disinfection is often used in ventilation systems, intake ducts, etc.

UV unit