Measuring equipment

Our measuring equipment is of high quality and easy to use. You can check the quality of cleaning routines, find potential sources of infection, and protect against contamination.

We have a selection of high-quality measuring equipment. This is equipment that we use in our work and can therefore recommend. All the equipment is easy to use and very accurate when used correctly.

You will get valuable information that can be used for documentation, validation or classification.

We are happy to guide you so you can choose the equipment that is right for the task, and to help you with training and use at your company.

You will find measuring equipment for surfacesliquids and powders as well as a selection of UVC meters with different types of sensors. With these instruments, you can safely and efficiently measure in places where it  is necessary so as to secure your business.


Contact us, and let’s find the right solution for your needs.


Our measuring equipment products are:

UVC meter

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Contam Swab