UVA lamps for inspection

The light from a UVA lamp causes particles on a “clean” surface to light up.

UVA lamps can be used on all types of surfaces to spot leaks, pollution and particles:

  • Control of tools and machine components
  • Sources of pollution in clean rooms and laboratories
  • Check cleaning quality
  • Identification of risk areas
  • Quality control of textiles, etc.
  • Leak control in components
  • Training and testing of hand hygiene

The lamps can be used with or without the use of fluorescent liquids/powders.



The hand-held lamps are useful in many areas:

UVA lamps can detect defects in LCD screens, identify impurities in medical textiles and find surface defects in machine components etc.

The light highlights “invisible” contamination in sterile environments, surface contamination of items such as spills, leaks, etc.




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