ND Air

ND Air is a lamp that illuminates the room and can treat passing air as well as the surfaces it reaches. These are powerful lamp types that can deliver a high dose of UVC in a short time and can be used at a distance of 5 metres. We recommend this type of UV system for use in areas without people and animals. For example, during breaks, between patients or after the end of the working day, to ensure a high level of hygiene.

For example, used in:

  • Office environments
  • Dental clinics
  • Production environments
  • Food production
  • Laboratories
  • Production lines
  • Canteens – you can see it at Aarhus University here


Available in several versions that are suitable for use with only a few minutes of treatment:

  • ND Air 42A for very cold or very hot environments
  • ND Air 4820 for areas with limited space
  • ND Air 9020 for areas in need of intensive treatment in a short time
  • Complete unit that only requires plugging-in
  • Optional wireless remote-control unit
  • Aluminium or stainless-steel fixture
  • Splinter protection of glass if needed
  • Adapted to individual needs


Below are examples of how quickly you can ensure that the surfaces are disinfected using just one lamp! For example, for CoV-2 between patients or visits.

The treatment times and distance below (dose of UVC) are based on testing of our UV equipment at the independent laboratory HouseTest, and the recommended dose will correspond to a 99% reduction in viruses.


DistanceND Air 9020ND Air 4820
Time in min.Time in min.
100 cm36
150 cm612
200 cm1122



Note that UVC light which acts on bacteria and viruses is dangerous for humans and animals – therefore this system should only be used when the room is empty!


Note that it often can be an advantage to mount multiple lamps with different positions to eliminate shadows.


disinfect air

Fast and efficient disinfection of the workplace – while being at lunch.

Contact us for advice on solutions specific to your needs.