Eliminate airborne bacteria and viruses with UVC light effectively

Airborne contamination such as bacteria and viruses can cause significant damage.

We have a solution for your needs

We know how confusing it can be when you want to eliminate a problem, particularly without the use of chemical solutions or filters. Therefore, we recommend our natural and effective method with UVC light. It provides a clean environment and ensures a high level of hygiene, for example in production, at the office and the laboratory.


Individual and professional assessment

No matter the type of room, we have a solution.  We start with an individual and professional needs assessment, where we determine:

  • Which organisms we need to neutralise
  • How much air volume is involved
  • Whether or not there should be people in the room at the same time


There are several methods of air disinfection:

  • A passive solution where the UV unit is fixed to the wall or ceiling.
  • A built-in solution where the UV unit is built into ventilation systems or intake ducts.



ND Air – a passive UV solution

ND Air is a lamp that lights up the room, without its own air circulation. It is a passive solution. The effectiveness of ND Air depends on the air in the room being circulated another way. It must be placed in such a way that it cannot shine directly/indirectly on people in the room. That means, it should shine towards the ceiling or be switched off when there are people in the room. We recommend this type of disinfection for rooms where there are no people for long periods, but where there is a need to ensure sterility. For example: slaughterhouses, production that does not involve people for long periods, etc. 


clean air



Built-in UV installation

Built-in UV systems are typically used in ventilation systems, either in relation to cleaning the incoming air or in connection with the circulation of the air. The built-in mounting ensures shielding against the light and provides optimal efficiency.

For example:

  • Ventilation systems
  • Intake ducts
  • Tanks
  • Production facilities

clean air

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