UV-installation for built-in systems

Built-in UV systems are typically used in ventilation systems, either in relation to securing the incoming air or in connection with circulation of the air. The built-in mounting ensures protection against light and provides optimal efficiency.

Our ND BuildIn UVC system is a compact and efficient solution for many areas with limited space or need for installation.

They are often used in ventilation ducts, sluices and other places where the built-in part ensures that the light is shielded.

In fact, our BuildIn UVC systems are the ones we use for most tasks, as they are incredibly flexible.

They always consists of high quality UVC bulbs, quartz glass (optional splinter protection), flanges and a control box.


UVC system

ND Buildin is available in many versions:

  • 14 – 800W UVC installation
  • IP67 – for cold, hot or mid-temperature
  • With external monitoring of service life and function
  • Optional security systems, such as door switches, sensors, alarms, etc.
  • Optional wireless control, online monitoring and control of units
  • For installation in all types of luminaires and applications
  • Standard with flange for mounting
  • Splinter protection of glass
  • Approved for contact with food

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