CleanMove – Your movable UV unit for disinfection of air and surfaces

Thorough cleaning in production facilities is not always enough to get rid of unwanted microorganisms. Damp surfaces, production equipment, etc. can be hiding places for bacteria, viruses and mold. This can result in cross-contamination between different production batches and be a production manager's nightmare.

CleanMove is a powerful and flexible partner in the fight against bacteria. It is placed as needed and can quickly be moved around as required. We have several types of CleanMove in our range.


CleanMove 3

CleanMove 3 has 3 fixed lamps. CleanMove 3 is available in two different models. We have a standard model and a model for remote control.

CleanMove 3
Sun & Safe uses CleanMove 3 to secure their employees and guests against viruses.


CleanMove 4 – battery

CleanMove 4- battery is the latest model in the series. CleanMove 4 – battery has powerful, long-lasting rechargeable batteries. There is up to 3 hours of operating time on a full charge.
CleanMove 4 – battery is a very flexible and mobile unit. It has a range of up to 10 meters in diameter.
Watch demonstration of CleanMove 4 – battery on YouTube


CleanMove 8

CleanMove 8CleanMove 8CleanMove 8

CleanMove 8 has 4 fixed and 4 adjustable lamps and delivers 1.000 joules at a distance of 5 meters in 40 minutes!

Watch demonstration of CleanMove 8 on YouTube


UVC dosage
Distance from the UV lamp
2 m
CleanMove 3
5 m CleanMove 32 m CleanMove 45 m CleanMove 42 m CleanMove 85 m Cleanmove 8
200 J/m24 min25 min2 min13 min1 min8 min
600 J/m212 min74 min6 min37 min4 min25 min
1.000 J/m220 min124 min10 min61 min7 min41 min


Bring it on!

UVC treatment is extremely well documented in numerous international studies. Below you can find a selection of microorganisms and the dose required to reduce them. 


MicroorganismDosage UV light in J/m2 to achieve 90% reductionMicroorganismDosage UV light in J/m2 to achieve 90% reduction
Bacillus anthracis - Anthrax45,2Vibrio comma – Cholera33,75
Clostridium tetani130,0Mucor racemosus A170,0
Corynebacterium diphtheriae33,7Penicillium roqueforti130,0
Ebertelia typhosa21,4Chlorella Vulgaris130,0
Escherichia coli30,0Paramecium110,0
Listeria Monocytes45,0Bacteriophage – E. Coli26,0
MRSA32,0Infectious Hepatitis58,0
Mycobacterium tuberculosis62,0Influenza34,0
Pseudomonas aeruginosa55,0Brewers yeast33,0
Pseudomonas fluorescens35,0Common yeast cake60,0
Salmonella enteritidis40,0Saccharomyces spores80,0
Salmonella typhimurium80,0



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