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Avoid airborne contamination from bacteria, virus and fungal spores in offices, canteens or in cars. Airgle is your mobile device that effectively filters the air in all types of rooms. Airgle has 3 filter systems, which send the air through a carbon filter, Hepa filter and finally through the unique titanium pro filter, which also removes bad odour. Airgle is easily controlled and monitored via an app and a built-in intelligent control, available in all models.

When you actively reduce airborne spores, yeast and mould, the indoor climate improves, absence due to sickness is reduced and productivity is increased. Airgle effectively removes bacteria and viruses and contributes to a healthy indoor climate.

Airgle fights both spores and mould and provides protection against volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and viruses with average diameters of less than 0,1 µm, including COVID-19, influenza virus, norovirus, cold or any other virus.

Airgle cHEPA filter can purify to clean-room level, by removing particles down to 0.003 µm (3nm), with an efficiency of over 99.999%


Airgle Titanium Pro UV

Every minute, the patented, state-of-the-art Titanium Pro UV module generates millions of hydroxyl radicals. Molecules consisting of oxygen and hydrogen atoms. Hydroxyl radicals chemically react with airborne particles and break them down into individual molecules, such as carbon dioxide and water. They destroy living spores, bacteria, mould, and viruses. Hydroxyl radicals also break down volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as gases from cleaning agents, as well as unpleasant odours.

The air in the room is drawn into the Airgle unit, where it is filtered and purified by the carbon filter and by the cHEPA filter. After being filtered, the Titanium Pro generates hydroxyl radicals into the air before the air is released.




Control via the app

  • Cloud-based remote control af 100s of units
  • Manage devices from multiple locations
  • Possible to create advanced time/ date templates
  • Smart control of speed and operation
  • Air quality monitoring
  • Intelligent filter monitoring


Use Airgle here:

  • Production room
  • In the conference room and in the office
  • In the waiting room
  • In canteens or other places where we gather
  • In the car or smaller offices


See technical specifications of the various units in the Airgle series in the table below:


Airgle AG25Airgle AG300Airgle AG600Airgle AG900
Room size (m2)Cars and small offices71 m2 at 1 x air circulation per hour, 15 m2 at 5 x air circulation per hour150 m2 at 1 x air circulation per hour, 30 m2 at 5 x air circulation per hour285 m2 at 1 x air circulation per hour, 60 m2 at 5 x air circulation per hour
Dimensions (HxWxD)23 x 23 x 8 cm34 x 30 x 25 cm54 x 38 x 39 cm63,5 x 45 x 46 cm
Weight1,3 kg5,7 kg16 kg25,6 kg
Power 110-240V, 12,5 V DC100-240 V 50 Hz – 60 Hz100-240 V 50 Hz – 60 Hz100-240 V 50 Hz – 60 Hz
Maximum energy consumption8W45 W56 W135 W
Power8WSpeed 1=5 W, Speed 2=7 W, Speed 3=11 W, Speed 4=20 W, Speed 5 (turbo)=45 WSpeed 1=18 W, Speed 2=22 W, Speed 3=29 W, Speed 4=39 W, Speed 5 (turbo)=56 WSpeed 1=42 W, Speed 2=55 W, Speed 3=68 W, Speed 4=80 W, Speed 5 (turbo)=135 W
Noise48-52 dB(A)Speed 1: 32 dBa, Speed 2: 38 dBa, Speed 3: 48 dBa, Speed 4: 55 dBa, Speed 5 (turbo): 65 dBaSpeeed 1: 33 dBa, Speed 2: 41 dBa, Speed 3: 50 dBa, Speed 4: 58 dBa, Speed 5 (turbo): 65 dBaSpeed 1: 33 dBa, Speed 2: 45 dBa, Speed 3: 50 dBa, Speed 4: 59 dBa, Speed 5 (turbo): 68 dBa
Cabinet materialPC + ABS plasticPC + ABS plasticSandblasted aluminiumSandblasted aluminium


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