Hygiene sluice

When working with sensitive production, it is important to maintain high hygiene standards. High hygiene standards require effective solutions that ensure that no bacteria or viruses enter the production process either via the materials themselves or the people who are present. Therefore, many companies use hygiene sluices to ensure the transition to clean areas.

A hygiene sluice is used when people and things need to move from one zone to another – without bringing in bacteria or viruses. Hygiene sluices can, with help from air and UV light, treat people and objects of different sizes in a short time, so the transition to clean areas complies with requirements for a high level of hygiene.

Who would need hygiene sluices?

Hygiene sluices are relevant for anyone who wants to secure their production facilities, but the following industries will benefit most from a hygiene sluice:

  • Food industry
  • Pharma
  • Agriculture
  • Kitchen
  • Hospital
  • Laboratory
  • Warehouses


How does a hygiene sluice work?

A hygiene sluice is an environmentally friendly tool to ensure transition to clean areas. At NATDIS you will find hygiene sluices with different systems, which can be used depending on what needs to be cleaned. Our hygiene sluices work using:

  • Air
  • UVC light
  • Air and UVC light

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Hygiene sluice for goods

Our hygiene sluices with both air and UVC light are designed to remove particles by circulating the air past the HEPA filter. This is done using rotating air nozzles. This is an effective solution, as studies show that contamination often occurs via particles, for example where bacteria attach. When the treatment is combined with UV light, bacteria, viruses and fungal spores are killed.

The hygiene sluice ensures 360-degree treatment, so all surfaces are cleaned and ready to enter the clean room.

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Hygiene sluice for small objects

A hygiene sluice that only disinfects with UVC light is suitable for all minor items, such as PCs, telephones, consumables, medicines, goods and tools that need to enter sensitive areas. The hygiene sluice is designed so the light disinfects all surfaces on the object with a high dose of UVC light, which protects against bacteria, viruses and protozoa.

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Hygiene sluice for people

When using a hygiene sluice for treating people, you only use the system that flushes the surface with air and removes particles. A hygiene sluice for people has an internal air system with HEPA filtration of the air, which ensures access from one hygiene zone to another.

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Hygiene sluice for both goods and people

At NATDIS, we offer hygiene sluices with a 2-in-1 system, so it can be used for both goods and people, ensuring a high level of hygiene in any change in zone.

Contact us for a custom-made solution to your needs.

How do I use a hygiene sluice?

A hygiene sluice must be placed between an unclean and clean zone to ensure that bacteria and viruses are not carried from one zone to another.

When you need to use the sluice, place the object in the sluice, close the door and press start.

The sluice then starts cleaning the object or person – either with air, UVC light or both. The air is circulated through the filter system, after which it is recirculated.

After the required treatment time, the door to the clean side is opened and the object or person is ready to enter the clean area. The treatment time can range from a few minutes to longer time intervals.

Watch video on YouTube how our hygiene sluice with both air and UVC light works.

Stainless steel hygiene sluices

At NATDIS you will find different types of hygiene sluices that can be used for different purposes. Common to all our hygiene sluices is that they are made of stainless steel and have a hygienic design. Our hygiene sluices are durable, so they can last for many years.

We custom make a solution to match your needs

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At NATDIS, we deliver solutions that are custom-made to your needs. We have solid experience in dimensioning many types of sluices for many areas. Therefore, we know what questions we need to ask to ensure that we address the things that are important in your process.

We are always ready to custom-make a NATDIS solution using UVC light and air to your needs.

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