High quality UVC monitoring device

When you want to control yours or others' UVC light, it is necessary to use high quality UVC measuring equipment. Our range of measuring equipment is user-friendly and provides accurate measurements. The equipment is available in two models for either occasional measurement or professional use. We have sensors in the measuring range from 0,01-500 W/m2.

Why is it important to measure UVC light?

UVC light used for disinfection without ozone falls in the range of 200-280 nm. Many years of research have shown that the optimal effect is achieved at 260 nm.

This cannot be seen, as the human eye can only see light form approx. 400 nm and up. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the light so as to ensure that the light is in the right spectrum and to verify that it is the right dose.

UV spectrum with visible light from 400 nm and up

Our UVC sensors are equipped with a filter that makes them measure in a range of 220-290 nm. They are calibrated according to Önorm M 5873-1 and are available for both inline mounting and as independent probes. Our standard range includes sensors from 0.01-250 W/m2 or 0.1-500 W/m2 and should all be calibrated annually or after 100 hours of use.


Our UVC sensors measure in the spectrum 220-290 nm.

UVC measuring equipment for the occasional measurements

Model S is measuring equipment for those of you who occasionally perform control measurements of your UVC equipment. It is a compact device that provides instant measurements in a user-friendly design. The meter is delivered in a practical case for storage. Download the datasheet to see the specifications of the device

Download datasheet


Model S in practical suitcase

UVC measuring equipment for the professional user

Model M is measuring equipment for those of you who use UVC measurements in quality assurance. This can be in connection with validation or classification of systems, where sensors are often supplied with external accreditation.

UVC meter model M has many options of settings and the ability to data log at optional intervals for up to 28 days on an SD card (optional).

Data can be read out from SD cards and then processed into reports etc. With this UVC meter, you get a reliable and valuable partner for documenting UVC levels and doses, with numerous options for adaptation to your exact needs.

We also offer training and education in the use of measuring equipment.

Specifications for Model M can be downloaded here

Download datasheet


Example of a screenshoot from Model M