Can your inventory withstand UVC?

If the material is something other than metal or glass, the answer is: get it tested.

But what should you do if UVC light is a good and environmentally friendly solution to a bacteria or germ problem in your environment?

You get the answer with an accelerated ageing test. This is a test we perform on all types of materials so you can predict whether they will be affected. This allows you to anticipate when problems could arise with the materials and what they might be.

Often, we see minor discolourations, changes in the surface and slight cracking.

The effect of UVC must be measured against the product life and the amount of UVC that you expect to expose it to.

When we do an accelerated ageing test, we agree on the dose of UVC to which the subject should be exposed. We document the product, the test setup used and, using our measuring equipment, the dose.

Our setup can expose the items to millions of joules in a short time, so you and your product specialists can assess the effect.