Get a high level of hygiene with a natural alternative: UVC light

At NATDIS, we are experts in how to achieve an effective and safe disinfection, using UVC. Our mission is to help industry and agriculture fight bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc. with consideration for the environment and nature. It can easily be done, without chemicals.

It should never be a hassle to optimize hygiene in an environment friendly way

We know that many of our customers start believing, that the implementation of a new installation for disinfection and hygiene is a hassle and expensive. And especially when it has to be environment friendly and efficient at the same time. It is not – at least not with us. We tailor solutions that fit into your current setup.


At NATDISwe are nerds who obtain a high level of professional pride. We take pride in producing the best possible result, with as little intervention in your current setup as possible. We advise and provide personal assessments, so that you do not get a standard solution.


Danish produced building blocks for hygiene nerds

When we visit you, and take a look inside, we relatively quickly have a good idea of a solution. A solution that does not require a total remodel for you. As an alternativewe establish a solution around your existing setup. In other words, our range is our building blocks. We always work creatively and solution-oriented in relation to your setup and the environment around you.


The modules we use are produced in Denmark by knowledgeable hands, and you can be sure that we only use the best elements to ensure the hygiene of your company.


We take pride in keeping up with the latest research in the use of UVC light, swe always solve the tasks in the best way. Therefore we are also a member of professional organistations, such as IUVA and the Danish Center for Light, which collects and publishes relevant information in the UV area.




We have experience

We have gradually gained lot of experience, and therefore we can quickly see opportunities, when we visit your company. We quickly spot the pitfalls in hygiene, because we have seen most of it. Therefore, we can also instantly provide you with concrete suggestions on how hygiene can be improved in your company.


The experience is also meaningful, when we talk about what you can get out of disinfecting with UV light. There can be many benefits in the form of less working time on manual disinfection, a healthier environment with fewer chemicals and a greater security for an effective and similiar treatment – every time. Just to present a few examples.


NATDIS started as Naturlig Desinfektion, and we have operated under the name for many years. The reason for the change is, among other things, that our international customers have had difficulties with the Danish Naturlig Desinfektion, and therefore it has been positive to use NATDIS. NATDIS is an abbreviation and contraction of the English version of Naturlig Desinfektion, which becomes Natural Disinfection – NATDIS.