New energy to NATDIS

Tasks evolves, and so do companies. When a company develop it may require new forces, new collaborations, and new perspectives. At NATDIS, we specialize in creating UVC solutions for the customer’s needs. The world around us is complex, and we work dynamically to keep up. In order to follow the development and the need for a more sustainable disinfections solution, we have chosen to employ Sofie Snitkjær.

Sofie was hired per 1/1 2023 and has marketing as her primary work area. Sofie is currently completing her bachelor’s degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Sport and Health at the University of Southern Denmark. She has a theoretical and practical background in innovation and entrepreneurship, marketing and organizational understanding. The theoretical-practical orientation fits well with NATDIS. At NATDIS she gets the opportunity to develop her skills further while contributing with new perspectives on marketing.

“Getting the opportunity to work in a company like NATDIS, gives you the opportunity to develop practically, theoretically and personally. With the tasks comes responsibility. There is room to develop your skills, while NATDIS contributes with good advice and guidance along the way. NATDIS’ perspective on disinfection and solutions demands that I work creatively and always relate dynamically to the process.” – Sofie.

The tasks will be focused around marketing including SOME, just as she will be involved in an upcoming ISO 9001 certification. Through the tasks, there will be an opportunity to come up with new perspectives and thoughts on the current strategies. The employment of Sofie will give the opportunity for an increased focus on marketing, while at the same time we can focus on creating sustainable UVC solutions for our customers.