NATDIS creates solutions for the customers need – Case Region Sjælland.

Each solution starts with a costumers need. The tunnel to Region Sjælland were built for their needs. It met their needs for a high UVC dose, it was user-friendly, chemical free and resource saving. They took a major step towards a more efficient and sustainable disinfection solution.


We received a case from the Danish Health sector:

Region Sjælland wanted to optimize their disinfection of supply cabinets. The disinfection needed to be effective and reduce the use of resources such as water from a washing process. The supply cabinets had to be disinfected when they returned to the distribution center, after being out on Køge hospital with supplies for up to 7 days. The cabinets needed to be disinfected before they were refilled with supplies to ensure high hygiene of the cabinets, so that they were disinfected before they rolled into the hospitals again. The cabinets had to go through a UV tunnel where alle surfaces would be disinfected. The baskets placed inside the cabinets also had to be disinfected, but they were made of Plexiglas which blocks the UVC light from reaching all surfaces. In collaboration with Region Sjælland we decided to remove the baskets from the cabinets when they had to be disinfected and place them on a trolley. This solution was created so the UVC light could disinfect 360° on baskets and cabinets.

Through meetings with Region Sjælland the requirements and needs were set. The creative process of creating the UV tunnel began. Construction drawings were made and evaluated with Region Sjælland. The drawings were adjusted and approved. Afterwards the production and development of the UV tunnel began. The UV tunnel was created to disinfect 360° of baskets and cabinets.  The cabinets needed to be disinfected inside and outside. The subjects were disinfected through a UV-tunnel which were placed from unclean to clean side. The tunnel had to deliver a disinfection of 99,99%

The UV-tunnel to Region Sjælland was built especially for their needs. The UV-tunnel had to deliver a high UVC dose to ensure a high level of hygiene, and inactivation of certain bacteria, fungi and viruses. The UV-tunnel had to be user-friendly, chemical-free and resource saving disinfection solution.

When the UV-tunnel was installed at Region Sjælland it got thoroughly tested and presented to the customer. Through the testing we ensured that the UV-tunnel functioned optimally, that it complied with all safety requirements, and it delivered the UVC dose that the customer requested. When the UV-tunnel got delivered, CE marking and risk assessment were made to ensure that Region Sjælland’s employees used the UV-tunnel correctly, and the risk of accidents was minimized.

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