Avoid particles and bacteria in the production. Get you own CleanAccess!

Keeping a production free from infection or contamination requires extra safety and caution, and it still does not always remain free from infection and contamination. When infection or contamination affects the production, goods and products are discarded and the production needs to be cleaned. It’s a situation that costs the company time and money. We have built a sustainable solution that helps prevent these kinds of problems. CleanAccess is an entry sluices which disinfects for unwanted organism and removes particles.

CleanAccess is a sluice designed to disinfect pallet goods, small goods or personnel who goes into the production. The sluice is equipped with rotating air nozzles, UVC lamps and HEPA filers. The air nozzles circulate the particles and bacteria through the HEPA filters and past the UVC lamps. The HEPA filters filter out the particles while the UVC lamps inactivate the bacteria, viruses and fungi that are on the subjects going into the production. By sending the subjects through a CleanAccess we can ensure a 99,99% disinfection on 360° of the subjects.

CleanAccess is an entrance sluice that can be placed between different zones or areas. The sluice can be placed between dirty and clean side, zone 1 to zone 2 or as an entrance to the production. The sluice has double doors with interlock, which ensures that the items are disinfected before they come in contact with the production. The sluice is a stand alone unit, which makes it easy to implement in your setup. By implementing a CleanAccess in your setup it is possible to keep the production free from infections and contamination, increase the quality of products, and reduce the withdrawal and disposal of goods.

CleanAccess is a sluice that gives you the opportunity to optimize your hygiene level. The sluice is a sustainable and effective alternative to disinfection in industry, agriculture, and Pharma. CleanAccess can be implemented in all industries. By disinfecting with UVC and air filtered through HEPA filters, a contact-free and chemical-free solution is ensured, were resistance and waiting periods do not occur.  CleanAccess is your opportunity to biosecure, secure against infections or reduce the probability of contamination occurring in your production.

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