Chemicals and large water consumption isn’t sustainable disinfection – UVC solutions are!

We consume and produce on full speed. The Earth’s resources are used up faster than they are created. Products and food are discarded daily. This is not sustainability. Sustainable productions and solutions are the way towards a more sustainable world.

As a company, individual and as a society, we all have a responsibility to create more sustainable forms of production and consumption, as the 12th SDG describes it. At NATDIS, we work with the Sustainable development goals (SDG).

We create disinfections solutions that can help your company become more sustainable. Through the use of UVC-light for disinfection, we can reduce water and chemical consumptions. Together we need to optimize the use of the earth’s resources, including water. We can reduce the consumption of water in disinfections solutions, while ensuring a disinfection of 99.99%. Through UVC solutions we reduce the use of chemicals, and thereby avoid the chemicals damaging our materials, groundwater aquifers and nature in general. The implementation of UVC-units in disinfection is an important step towards a more sustainable production pattern. Furthermore, we collaborate with companies to create more sustainable production methods within Pharma, industry, and agriculture, including vertical farming.

Food waste is a major problem, when companies and society want to create responsible production and consumption. Before 2030 SDG has set the goal of reducing the food waste per inhabitant by 50%. We, NATDIS, contribute to SDG by reducing food waste in productions and supply chains. We create UVC solutions that can extend the shelf-life of a product, reduce the likelihood of withdrawal, and disposal due to contamination by bacteria, fungi, or viruses. UVC is a sustainable way to disinfect surfaces, liquids and air that encounter with the products. UVC inactivates the bacteria, fungi and viruses that can be problematic for your production.

Our solution does not only reduce food waste, but also waste generation, like containers, bottles, boxes or other packaging, that can be disinfected and reused. By reusing packaging, we can reduce the resource consumption, waste generation, and increase the circular economy, subgoal 12.5.

UVC solutions from NATDIS gives you the opportunity to become more sustainable in your production and thereby contribute to the SDG, the goal of a more sustainable future.

Disinfections solutions with UVC are not difficult to implement in your production. At NATDIS we have the goal to make industries such as Pharma, productions, and agriculture more sustainable. We specialize therefore in creating the perfect solution for your need, in a more sustainable way than the alternatives.

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