UVC solutions can contribute to optimizing the water consumption

Water shortage is a major problem for large parts of the world’s population. In Denmark our water supplies are cleaner and more stable than in other parts of the world. But our water supply isn’t a well with infinite resources. We need to protect our resources and optimize our use of clean water. Water is essential for us as a living organism to survive. That’s the reason why water is a key part of the sustainable development goals (SDG), goal 6, Clean water and sanitation.

Water and sanitation are a large and comprehensive area, which requires us to optimize our processes. NATDIS contribute to the 6th SDG through subgoals 6.1,6.3,6.4,6.a. We contribute to creating universal access to safe water by making UVC solutions for water disinfection. By treating water with UVC, we can use rainwater for processes and productions, and thereby use the groundwater aquifers more efficiently. With UVC solution we can ensure that the water in the piping systems is kept clean all the way from ground aquifer to the use, and thereby save resources. UVC inactivates bacteria, viruses and fungi that may occur in the water. Through UVC disinfection of water we can ensure universal access to water.

Productions and industries have a major impact on the environment and water resources. By using UVC solutions rather than the traditional approach, with water and chemicals in productions, cleaning, food processing, agriculture, dairy, shipping industry and other industries, we are able to minimize water and chemical consumption. By reducing the release of chemicals our environment and groundwater will be less damaged, and the resources will last longer. Through UVC solutions it is possible to reduce the amount of water in the disinfection process. With the UVC solutions we give companies the opportunity to increase their efficiency of water use. By disinfecting water from various processes, it can be reused, and contribute to a more circular sustainable process.

It’s not only in our own production we need to optimize. As a leading country we have the opportunity to help developing countries ensure water quality and efficiency. At NATDIS we collaborate with companies and organisations, such as Ingeniører uden grænser (Engineers without borders) to support developing countries with creating universal access to water. Together we make a difference. As a company, we want to help your company optimize your water efficiency and quality.

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