Is UV your way to less chemistry?

UV is a technique based on light waves. UV consists of both visible and invisible light waves. UV is divided into 4 UV groups: UVA which is light from 320-400nm, UVB from 280-320, UVC from 200-280 and VUV from 100-200. UV light below 400nm can’t be seen with the naked eye, but it still has an effect. UV with a wavelength of 264 is particularly effective at inactivating microorganisms. It can be microorganisms that can be found in air, liquids or on surfaces, in industries from dairies to Pharma, and from agriculture to factories, and other industries.

UVC has a great effect on inactivation of organisms and is therefore an effective disinfection solution. UVC can be used for disinfection of surfaces, liquids, and air. UVC works by adding energy to the organisms, and through the energy the UVC photons destroys the hydrogen bonds in the organism’s DNA or RNA. When the hydrogen bonds are destroyed the organism can no longer reproduce, and thereby becomes inactivated. By inactivating with the use of UVC, we avoid resistant bacteria and the use of chemicals. With UVC we can inactivate viruses, bacteria, and fungi. We can help your company whether you have problems with Escherichia coli or Salmonella typhimurium or other organisms. The various organisms require a certain UVC dose to become inactivated, and therefore the UV systems are dimensioned to your needs and the organisms you have problems with.

UV technology is continuous developing new technologies such as UV LED and FAR UVC. The UVC technology only works where the rays hit the item we want to disinfect. UVC rays loses energy as they travel through air or water. Because of the energy lose it is necessary to design solutions where the distance between the UVC lamp and the item, need to be disinfected, is short and the UVC can reach the desired surfaces. The development within UVC helps to ensure that the solutions become more sustainable and has greater efficiency.

UVC solutions are not reliant on temperature or pH level, as the UVC light functions both in high and low temperatures, and at different pH values. There are lamps that perform better in the various environments, which makes it important to choose the optimal lamp for the solution your company needs. UVC lamps can be used as an independent solution or as a solution combined with air blowing, various filters, etc. The solutions are specifically designed to your needs.

UVC solutions can be designed to each industry, which we are happy to help with. We have extensive experience in industries from Pharma to agriculture to food industry. We provide everything from standard units to special units to complete units.

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