Natdis takes another step towards a more sustainable world

Natdis has entered a collaboration with AquiSense on the use of UV LED for disinfection of liquids, and distribution of AquiSense throughout the Nordic countries, i.e., Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

Through the collaboration, we are expanding our range of UV systems for liquid treatment to include the latest LED technology. We’re looking forward to the collaboration with AquiSense, who is the world’s leading supplier of LED based liquid systems.

The collaboration with AquiSense gives us the opportunity to out phase mercury lamps with a more sustainable solution. We can’t currently replace the mercury lamps in all areas, but with the development within UVC LED, this can happen within the foreseeable future.

LED technology has many advantages:

  • We don’t use mercury or amalgam.
  • We use a smaller amount of energy.
    • The LED lamp can be switched on/off with 100% performance in a few milliseconds.
    • LED is developing rapidly and is getting better.
  • We have light on one side and heat on the other, which means we avoid heating the liquid.
  • We can direct the light.
  • The units are smaller and more compact.
  • Unlimited on/off cycles
  • We have the opportunity to monitor and manage the solutions, and collect data on an ongoing basis.

With monitoring we can ensure that the UV solutions work correct. The monitoring helps optimize the technology and the solutions. The monitoring provides the opportunity to document the effect and use. The LED systems have a visual indicator which makes it possible to read the device’s status. It is also possible to extract an external signal based on function, lifetime or whether there is a need to clean the liquid, etc.

The UV LED systems ensure high hygiene standards and disinfection in areas where it hasn’t previously been possible to use UVC, due to the size. UV LED systems are for everyone who wants high reliability and quality products that deliver the promised effect.

The collaboration with AquiSense is the beginning of replacing the traditional UVC lamps with UV LED’s. This means, that if you buy a system with traditional lamps today, you will have the opportunity to convert your system to UV LED in the future. We are working to ensure that all our solutions forward can be converted to LED technology in the future.

Do you want to ensure a high level of disinfection, and be part of the futures more sustainable industries? Then contact us for more information about UVC and UV LED systems on +45 22 680 680 or