Every green action helps minimize our footprint on the earth

We want to limit our environmental impact on the earth for the future generations. We have reached another one of our green goals. We only use CO2 neutral wind energy. Through collaboration with Norlys, we have invested in CO2 neutral wind energy to minimize our footprint on the earth.

We believe that every green action, big or small makes a difference. We only have this earth, and it’s necessary to minimize our footprint for future generations. That’s why we chose to participate and complete the SMV-grøn course. The SMV-grøn course provided inspiration and support to work purposefully with the sustainable aspect. The SMV-grøn course gave us the opportunity to work on sustainable ideas that can contribute to an environmentally friendly world, through solutions that can recycle and disinfect with UVC light. Being a green company is an ongoing process that constantly can be optimized.

Natdis is built on the idea of a more environmental friendly approach. It’s therefore in our DNA to think creatively and optimize our green initiatives. Our actions do not only involve environmental initiatives, but also social, health, safety and ethical initiatives. We want to be a sustainable company that makes a difference to both individuals and nature.

Our approach to the sustainable profile is that we make a difference together. Therefore, in collaboration with our business partner, we have stated what we can do to reduce our joint footprint and contribute to the Sustainable development goals. Together, we develop new solutions and require each other to constantly develop to become more environment friendly.

We stand by our green profile and want to ensure that you as a customer, can help make a difference for the environment.

  • Our solutions are specially designed for the task in order to minimize the waste of resources.
  • We give you the opportunity to minimize the use and release of chemicals from various industries by using UVC for disinfection.
  • We have begun the out phasing of traditional UVC lamps, and will switch to LED UVC over the next few years.
  • We give you, as a customer, the opportunity to dispose glass, lamps and metal from the UVC solution for proper sorting, by sending it back to us
  • We use CO2 neutral wind energy at our office and own warehouse.

We can help make your disinfection greener. If you want to hear more about a solution for your company, then give us a call on +45 22 680 680. If you want to hear more about our green profile you can read more here or call us on +45 22 680 680