We have optimized our energy and ressource consumption, have you?

We have reached another one of our green goals at Natdis. We only use Co2 neutral renewable wind energy- Through our collaboration with Norlys, we have invested in CO2 neutral wind energy to minimize our footprint on the earth. We have chosen to switch to green electricity in order to contribute to our green transition, and by choosing green energy we emit smaller amounts of CO2 through our electricity consumption.

By choosing green energy we contribute to increasing the demand for environment friendly energy that is produced, and thereby it will be more desireable to build new wind turbines and solar cells. Our choice to buy green energy is a contribution to stopping global warming and creating a more sustainable world.

At Natdis we are aware of our energy consumption both in the office/warehouse, production, transport and with our solutions. Energy consumption in the office/warehouse is kept to the necessary through optimization and LED lighting, and green energy is used. The production of the solutions is normally at our business partners. Here, we try to influence energy consumption and the choice of energy through communication. We aim for partners who have a similar sustainable vision, where we mutually influence each other’s green choices through needs and communication. Transport is another area where optimization makes itself applicable. We design the solutions as modules, so that the transport space is utillized. We have chosen ALPI to be the primary transport company for Natdis, as they have a sustainable plan and optimize their transport.

Our UVC solutions are based on being more environment friendly than chemical solutions. Therefore, they are designed for the need in order to minimize the waste of ressources. The UVC solutions are optimized to use the necessary power to achieve the desired result, and with data being retrieved from the unit to optimize performance and energy. Over the next few years traditional UVC lamps at Natdis will be replaced with LED where possible. LED UVC means that the solutions are energy optimized and have an even longer lifespan.

Energy and ressources are an essential topic in the work towards a sustainable world. That’s why we try to optimize energy and ressources together with our customers and business partners. Do you energy or resources optimize?

We can help with optimize energy and ressources in your disinfection process in you production. Contact us on +45 22 680 680 or read more about it here.