We are helping Aarstiderne A/S become more sustainable.

Minimizing food waste and recycling packaging is part of Aarstiderne A/S plan to become more sustainable. For many years, they have worked based on the idea of being sustainable and contributing to the Sustainable development goals. Aarstiderne A/S saw an opportunity to optimize their consumption and production through recycling their packaging.

For many years Aarstiderne A/S has ensured that their packaging is recycled or properly disposed. Vegetables, fruit, and other goods are delivered in wooden boxes, which makes it easy to reuse the boxes. Aarstiderne A/S collects the boxes and reuses them for product delivery as long as possible, until they are worn out. The flamingo boxes are more difficult for Aarstiderne A/S to recycle because of the bacteria, fungi and viruses that can survive in the small crevices in flamingo box.

Demands for sustainability and authority requirements for disinfection led Aarstiderne A/S to seek an alternative solution which was effective, simple and without withdrawal periods or chemicals. Together with Aarstiderne A/S we found the solution that could solve the task and fitted with their sustainable profile, UV light. With UV light we had the opportunity to inactivate the viruses, fungi and bacteria that would appear in the boxes. UV light has the advantage that it’s non-contact and doesn’t leave residual product in the boxes. The solution with UV light gave Aarstiderne A/S the opportunity to reuse their flamingo boxes until the box were worn out, instead of only being used once. With UV light disinfection we achieved a high degree of disinfection, and thereby a great safety for the end customer.

The collaboration with Aarstiderne A/S gave the opportunity to contribute to the Sustainable development goals for a greener world, and help Aarstiderne A/S with an essential and relevant problem in the food industry. Together we can make the world a greener place.

If you have a problem where we can help optimize and disinfect, please contact us on +45 22 680 680 or read more about it here.