New video with 360° automatic UVC tunnels

A UVC tunnel could be the right solution when you need to keep bacteria and viruses out of production.

UVC tunnels provide disinfection without chemicals and without manual handling. It secures your process or production against unwanted bacteria, viruses and fungal spores, with a disinfection rate of up to 99.99%.

We use high-quality UVC, and in collaboration with Nikodan, we deliver solutions that meet the high requirements of pharmaceutical production and the food industry. We are ready to find the optimal solution for your needs.

The advantage of UVC disinfection tunnels is that they can process boxes, packages, bags, food, packaging, components, raw materials in packaging and bottles, around the clock, year-round. The tunnel works the same way every time and ensures uniform treatment – 24/7.

We have prepared a short video, which can be used for inspiration about how you can use UVC and to learn how we make advanced customised constructions – watch it here


We are happy to help should you need advice on how to get the best effect from disinfection with UVC or to determine the necessary level. We have experience from many industries and are experts in identifying problems within hygiene.

Is it listeria, salmonella, MRSA or something else?


We can help identify problem areas and what is causing the problems. It makes a difference if we are to inactivate listeria, salmonella or something else because specific UVC doses are required for different organisms. We can help throughout the process, from identification to validation.