When UVC saves energy and eliminates chemicals

In a joint project with Semi Stål, we have solved the task of replacing steam and chemicals in a bed and mattress washing tunnel with UVC.

The idea was that the existing setup should be replaced by a UVC system that, one-to-one, could eliminate the need to use steam and chemicals for disinfection, to ensure a more energy-friendly solution.


One of the major advantages is that UVC can be turned on and off when needed, and there is no standby consumption since the lamps can be turned off when not in operation and turned on immediately when there is operation.

The challenge consisted of:

  • Being able to mount UVC lamps in a way that covers the desired items 360 degrees around as well as under flaps and edges.
  • Finding lamps that can withstand working in the relatively warm and humid environment
  • Making the lamps energy efficient between items and adapting the control of these to existing conditions.

Part of the task was to test whether the desired pathogens could be destroyed with UVC on the desired surfaces. This was solved with pre-projects where selected pathogens were tested on the actual items and the lamps that fit the task.


Then, UVC equipment was installed on an existing unit and optimized for this. Third-party tests were conducted on the items to ensure the achievement of the same reduction in pathogens as with the steam and chemical-based technique.

The test showed that UVC in the given situation can replace traditional energy-intensive processes and deliver just as good results with significantly lower energy consumption. In this way, Semi Stål and Natdis together can ensure a saving in energy consumption and avoid problematic chemicals on bed and mattress washers, to the benefit of us all.