Biosecurity is under control in Latvia and Lithuania

At LDA Group by Anders Kjær Poulsen, with 3 farms in Latvia and 1 in Lithuania, they are aware that infection protection must all encompassing.

Biosecurity is not compromised here, and UVC sluices are used for all types of goods.

All large goods on pallets and in bigbags enter via the specially built CleanAccess Cargo sluice, which uses air and UVC light to treat the surfaces in a range of 360 degrees.

In locations where there are a large amount of goods, such as here in Mikelani Bekons, two sluices have been set up next to each other in the entrance area to the farm.

CleanAccess cargo
Bigbag going into the farm are treated with UVC light and air
CleanAccess cargo i twin opsætning
CleanAccess Cargo with two sluices next to each other, to provide high capacity


Consumables, telephones and hand-held tools get 360-degree treatment in 4 minutes in a CleanBox 800. The CleanBox is placed in the personal sluices, with objects being inserted from the unclean side. The item is disinfected while the staff changes clothes, after which the door on the clean side is unlocked.

CleanBox 800 monteret i væg
The CleanBox is built in the wall between unclean and clean zone.

Simple and effective solution for bringing small items into the farm.