For packages, boxes and rolls or trays, bottles and oddly shaped items…

Just try us out

Give us a tough challenge about what to disinfect with UVC light. We might have encountered it before, in which case the path will be straightforward. If we have not encountered the task before, we will be happy to explore what, how and how much it will take.

But beware – we’ve seen a lot of things over the years. Here you can find some examples of things we successfully disinfect with UVC lights:

Cov-19 Testsetup at HouseTest

Orange juice, caps, fish, operating equipment, coffee grounds, diesel fuel, trays, cosmetics, conveyor belts, air systems, entrance locks, tools, containers, lunch boxes, spray, enzyme production, drinking water, brine, aca gum, bottles, film productions, transport boxes, bigbags, meat products, air systems, flamingo boxes, medico-technical devices, canteens, toilets, air conditioning systems, phones, evaporators, airport trays, sauna, air from tanks, compound feeders, door handles, intake facilities, radish washing water, patch, teaching use, ceiling panels, laboratories, dental clinics, fat products, cocktail productions, sea transport, keyboards, racing helmets, wash basins, pressure testing facilities, charging stations, baby milk production, lids, shopping baskets, pipettes, packing facilities, greenhouses, hospital areas, sterile production, carrot washing water, beetroot juice, biosecurity systems, computers, bicycles…

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