Do you also love cheese?

We love cheese, and that is one of several reasons why we are exhibiting at the Hi-fair on October 5-7.

You will find us right in the middle, between the cheese and dairy products, at stand D3220, where we are ready to share our knowledge on how to get the effective and natural disinfection you need.

UVC disinfection is contact and chemical free, and our systems have no waiting time at all. We make solutions for almost all kinds of industries, and of course, we also have extensive experience with the dairy industry.

If you do not like cheese, you are most welcome to skip it and just come to our stand, D3220.

You won’t find any cheese, but at least there will be a few experts in custom-made solutions for natural disinfection and a selection of UVC systems for air – surface and liquid treatment.


Much more than cheese

If you visit the Hi-fair, there is much more than cheese and we are there together with more than 700 exhibitors in the industry.

Meet us and our colleagues in:


At our stand, D32220, you can learn more about environmentally friendly disinfection with UVC light. With our thoroughly tested and reliable UVC system, we can disinfect water/liquids, surfaces and air. We supply everything from very small units to large custom-made units.


Join for free and experience the International Food Contest

At the International Food Contest, dairy products are judged and exhibited, and in 2019, there were 1500 products from all over Scandinavia.

IFC has the task of presenting the food industry’s diversity of products and nominating Denmark’s best within the participating dairy products.


Opening hours are Thuesday – Wednesday and Thursday from 8.30 to 16.30

Get your free ticket here and read more about the Hi-fair here