Reusing building ducts for establishing of new ventilation solutions – is it possible?

To break the consumption chain, we create solutions in collaboration with our customers, suppliers and partners. Disinfection with UVC makes it possible to reuse packaging and water, minimize the use of chemicals and resources, and extend shelf life of products, food, etc. Sustainable disinfection is also an essential part of reusing old building ducts to establish new ventilation solutions.

Coatable A/S contacted us to find a solution to disinfect the ventilation ducts without the use of chemicals. In collaboration we came up with a solution that was simple, effective and manageable. The solution should make it more sustainable for Coatable A/S to reuse old building ventilation ducts. When Coatable A/S renovates the ventilation ducts, the ducts are cleaned and disinfected before they are coated.

The solution of disinfecting the ventilation ducts should be:

  • Simple
  • Effective
  • Environment friendly
  • Easy to transport and use
  • Safe for employees and the environment

We designed a UVC solution that can disinfect the ventilation ducts with UVC light. The purpose of disinfection is to inactivate bacteria such as Aspergillus niger and others. Coatable A/S works in tight surroundings where the solution must be manageable, transportable, and compact. The UVC solution are designed to withstand shocks that can occur during operation. The UVC solution is designed to be lowered down into the ventilation ducts using a winch.

In collaboration with Coatable A/S we optimized the traditional disinfection methods in disinfecting ducts for a sustainable alternative. Together we can reduce the use of chemicals, help save the earth’s resources, and minimize our environmental impact.


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