UN Global Goal 8 – decent jobs and economic growth

Natdis contributes to creating decent jobs and economic growth. The UN global goals work towards a sustainable world. UN Global Goal 8 works towards promoting economic growth through increases in productivity and technological innovations and promoting the share of decent jobs. Natdis contributes to the global goals and the sustainable world by incorporating milestones and guidelines in our company.

Natdis contributes to the UN’s targets 8.2 and 8.3 by working innovatively on disinfection.

We contribute to technological development and innovation through disinfection solutions. We create solutions that are innovative, automated and minimize the physical work involved in disinfection. We ensure uniform quality with each disinfection without the use of chemicals and water. We contribute to sub-goal 8.4 by reducing chemical consumption in disinfection and minimizing the material footprint. We contribute to increasing the level of hygiene in industries from Pharma to Food Production to Agriculture without using chemicals in disinfection. We contribute to minimizing the material footprint by disinfecting packaging, so that companies can reuse packaging that they previously had to throw away.

Natdis contributes to the UN’s target 8.5 by creating a workplace where everyone is welcome and treated properly.

We contribute to decent jobs by creating a workplace culture that is inclusive and diverse. All employees have equal opportunities to develop career-wise, regardless of gender, origin, religion or sexual orientation. The workplace culture ensures that the working environment is a safe place for employees to express themselves and develop. There is room for the individual employee and their needs.