SKOV & NATDIS team up and creates the ultimate solution for argiculture

Through our collaboration with SKOV, who are specialist in ventilation solutions for agriculture and industry, we have optimized our infection control solutions for agriculture. UVC solutions is combined with filtration solutions and control of the airflow. The solutions can therefore help all types of stables with infection prevention.

Read more about the solution for Foersom genetic at Hyologisk here

From left to right: Pernille Snitkjær – NATDIS, Niklas Bay Clausen – SKOV, Dorthe & Arne Damgaard – Foersom Genetik

NATDIS has provided infection protection solutions for air treatment in agriculture since 2013, with a high degree of security of effectiveness. We work with 99.9% efficiency based on the current air flow and high atmospheric humidity, where we know that airborne virus is particularly transportable.

In addition to air treatment, we also work with securing incoming cargo, and can treat both small items, big bags, and pallet cargo.

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The chimney with UVC light on the roof, and to the right a filter box mounted on a wall valve.