Tailored solutions -The way to get the optimal solution

Tailored solutions

At NATDIS we take pride in delivering the optimal solution for your task, every time.

When we meet a new task for disinfection, we will listen to your description and we will ask questions to elaborate. This way we can ensure that your task will be solved in the most optimal way.

For more than 10 years we have delivered UVC solutions for big and small projects in pharmaceutic industry, food production, industry production and farming.

When we solve your disinfection task, we base it on our extensive experience to give you most value for money.  The advantage of our UVC systems are that they are produced with the highest level of automation, to give you contact free and chemical free disinfection, with consistent results. We include a high level of security for disinfection and for the safety of the employees that will work around the systems.

What can we disinfect?

We have disinfectid air, fluids and surfaces in a vast number of installations, where we have UVC treated crates, trolleys, band aids, tea leaves, juice, coffee grounds, rolls, bags, containers, cheeses, fish, big bags, marmalade, seaweed, carts, wash water, drains, conveyors, tools, air systems, capsules, Styrofoam boxes, pipettes, shopping baskets, cooling units, sterile water, racing helmets, benches, toys, celings, oils, hospital equipment, saunas, canteens, egg trays, bottles, filling pipes, seeds and much much more.