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Now you can learn more about disinfection as a process and what options you have for using UVC light as a disinfectant – check out our new article on the topic /disinfection/.

In the article, you can read about disinfection concepts and why we have chosen to use UVC light. There is a brief overview of what UVC light is and what makes it suitable for disinfection, without the use of chemicals.

UVC light can be used in all types of environments, and we have extensive experience with solutions for air and ventilation, for surfaces in rooms and on items and products, and for liquid disinfection.

In our work to inactivate viruses and bacteria, we often see a potential for improvement in hand hygiene – i.e., our ability to wash/disinfect our hands thoroughly.

Here, our hand training screen, with the use of training lotion, can help to ensure that we are as thorough as we think. Read more about training of hand hygiene